UAB Ozas certificates

Sheet metal laser cutting

Stainless steel: up to 15 mm
Steel: up to 18 mm
Aluminium: up to 15 mm
Max. sheet dimensions: 1500 x 3000 mm

Main machine: TRULASER 5030 FIBER
Laser power: 3000W
Z-axis operating area: 115 mm
Positioning accuracy: + / – 0.1 mm / m
Reproduction accuracy: + / – 0.05 mm / m
Edge tolerance: + / – 0.5 mm

Cutting metal sheets with a new generation laser compared to other cutting technologies has many advantages: high-quality and smooth cut, speed, ultra-thin cut line, minimal thermal impact zone, and the ability to cut extremely complex contours.

UAB OZAS is able to provide services of cutting metal sheets with a new generation laser immediately and at the most favourable prices, and to produce products to order in units and series – in large quantities.
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