UAB Ozas certificates

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Our UAB OZAS, being a reliable manufacturer of electrical distribution equipment and a provider of metal processing services to Lithuanian and foreign partners, uses in its production only certified materials and components.

Metals are supplied to us by such foreign suppliers like ArcelorMittal Europe and licensed Lithuanian suppliers such as AB Lytagra, UAB Unis Steel Baltija and UAB Kesko Senukai Lithuania. We also manufacture products from metals with special characteristics supplied by the Customers themselves.

For the assembly of electrical and automation panels and for the production of transformer substations, we use in the work process only high-quality electrical goods, equipment and installation materials of well-known manufacturers: ABB, Apator, EFEN, Schneider Electric, Raychem, Hager, Nexans, Draka, Ergom and others. We manufacture products with assembly components of specific manufacturers as required by the Customers.

We cooperate with our partner, the German capital freight transportation and logistics company Hegelmann Transporte, to rapidly deliver our products to foreign customers as it has many years of experience in standard, special and rapid transport.

Therefore, products from our factory based in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, can be delivered to our Customers in such countries as Sweden, Latvia, and Estonia by standard transportation within 1-2 days; to countries such as Germany, the Netherlands – within 2-3 days; to France, England – within 3-4 days.
In case of urgent need, the express shipment of products (up to 1.5 tons) to further countries is delivered at least 1 day faster than the standard transportation.